Sergei Svetlakov appealed to the authorities to save the children

Сергей Светлаков обратился к властям, чтобы спасти детей The showman was forced to contact the official. On the recording of “DANCING” has opened unexpected details of one of the creative studios. On casting a girl came, who said that she took away the room.

This Saturday on TNT will show how I passed the next audition for the 3rd season of the great show “DANCING”. This socially significant project changed the lives of many creative people of our country. The entry of one of the stages of casting have led to an unexpected outcome. To try their hand in show is decided by the choreographer from the village of Zaplavka named Eugene Yurt. She told the judges that the administration of the city of Volzhskiy were taken from her room in which she worked with the children. The jury could not remain indifferent to this injustice right during the filming of Sergei Svetlakov decided to call the representative of the administration.

The conversation with the officer all of a sudden ended with a promise to representative government. “Judge of people” took the woman out of the word to return the room to children. This fact was overjoyed participating in the casting and the whole auditorium. The details of this conversation, the audience will see in the new season of the show “DANCING”, which is aired every Saturday at 21:30 on TNT.

Сергей Светлаков обратился к властям, чтобы спасти детей