Sergei Sobyanin to run for mayor of Moscow

Сергей Собянин будет баллотироваться в мэры Москвы The politician explained why he wants to pursue a political career. According to Sergei Sobyanin, it was difficult to make a decision about his candidacy for the post. However, the man sure can make the capital even better.
Сергей Собянин будет баллотироваться в мэры Москвы

In September 2018 will be held in Moscow mayoral elections. This event has already attracted a lot of attention. Several prominent politicians have already made their nominations for the post. However, the acting head of the city until recently preferred to remain silent.

Only may 26, during the festival dedicated to the project “Active citizen”, the politician has decided to officially announce the nomination for election. According to Mr Sobyanin, it is important for the support of voters. On its official website Sobyanin revealed the true causes of balloting.

“I want our city really was the best in the Land, because he has a good reason for this. Want we were proud of our city and the citizens good-naturedly jealous of people in other world cities. Want regardless of where we live, from age and other circumstances, we felt confident, safe and comfortable. Want to help our residents get access to quality urban services, had a decent job and a secure old age”, – the politician noted.

Mr Sobyanin admitted that he has been in power for a long time and is well aware of the level of his responsibilities. The man wants to continue to change Moscow for the better, make the city comfortable for its inhabitants.

By the way, Mr Sobyanin has the support of many stars. In particular, he was repeatedly told about achievements of the incumbent mayor, about his large-scale projects and the positive changes that occur to the capital of Russia.

In the official address, the mayor stressed that his nomination is due to the scale of the city. The mayor wanted to implement all of its projects for eight years, who was in power, but I realize now that might make Moscow even better.

“Given the pace of work, and dialed the speed of change, I believed that eight years would be sufficient to conduct all the planned improvement of urban life, to bring them to their logical conclusion. But the huge scale of the city, one of the largest in the world, a large number and the complexity of the problems, objective and subjective conflicts, many artists and organizations, the ongoing political campaigns — has demanded more time. Like the unfinished painting, the work is not completed to the end, is not satisfying to you nor to those for whom it is done”, – told the acting mayor.

Many voters supported the initiative of Sergei Sobyanin. They believe that the current mayor deserves to continue to occupy such an important post. Residents of Moscow hope that in the near future will be able to see the program Sobyanin and learn about plans and policy for the next term of government.