Супруга Сергея Шнурова поймала его на измене Matilda openly talked about living together with a rock musician. Once Sergei had almost left her. The woman shared memories of the book “Leningrad. The incredible and true story of the band.
Супруга Сергея Шнурова поймала его на измене

The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov has admitted that his life changed dramatically after he met Mathilde. Seven years is a woman who supports the musician and inspires him to new experiments, as in music and other arts.

As Matilda says, she had to face difficult in the early stages of a relationship with the popular rocker. Cords abused alcohol and partying with drinking buddies. Sergey Shnurov calls a wife

“He drank and was in complete disarray. At some point our relationship travelled into an absolute abuse. After the tour he could come up with some regular sidekick, with booze, I hit the bottle, he could slam the door and go somewhere. In the end, he met a girl who was giving him a tour of Germany, they began some kind of relationship, about the novel I didn’t like an idiot,” recalls his wife.

The woman says Sergei then behaved inappropriately and constantly drank. One day, after returning from Spain Matilda once again listened to the claims of the musician about how he’s fed up. The night of the Cords made the decision to get away from the lady.

“He stayed in the kitchen drinking, and somewhere at five in the morning I hear him talking with someone.

And he was so drunk that began to call this young lady, and at some point I heard him say to her: “Well, let’s say, I go, and that we with you live, whether that, together?” I leave the room, take his phone and say, what’s that? And he sits in a glassy state and says, well. I say: get out of here…

We hadn’t talked in a week. Then he called and said we need to talk… We were in the restaurant, I began to beat the dishes, he sat in silence, I said I’m leaving… I broke his chain on the neck in the stairwell, he ran away, then came home and went to bed… In the end he stayed at home,” said Shnurov on the pages of Maxim Melaka “Leningrad. The incredible and true story of the band.”

According to darling, to live next to a famous musician, whose sensitive nature means to adapt to it. “We need to cut off the resentment and sense of injustice towards themselves, and to cling to the feeling of love, and invest in the situation, and do, come what may,” explained Matilda.

Shnurov also make effort to create works about the legendary rock band. According to entrepreneur, she worked in film book cover the twentieth anniversary of the “Leningrad”. Matilda remembered that 13 years she was an ardent fan of rock band. By the way, the acquaintance of Matilda and Sergei happened at a party back in 2007. Then the couple worked together on the film “Асса2”. In 2010, Cords is married to beloved.

Matilda owns the restaurant “Kokoko” and ballet school “Isadora”, where I teach, the former soloists of the Bolshoi theatre, the Mikhailovsky theatre and the London ballet company. The first time, a woman rarely accompanied by his wife at social events, but in the last year of Sergei often appears at parties and concerts along with it. On the page in the social network actor is often recognized in the ardent feelings to the beloved.