Сергею Шнурову пробили ухо The musician decided to remember his youth and decorate your image earring. The permanent leader of group “Leningrad” asked the soloist the Florida Chanturia to help him with a punctured ear. Video Sergey Shnurov has published on the personal page in Instagram.

“Uncle Serezha cool, Next step, circumcision?”, “Earrings with earring”, “What are you charismatic! Fire” – said the fans Shnurov.

Recently, the main rock-n-roll country celebrated its 45th year anniversary. To congratulate the birthday boy with a round date “StarHit” went with him to the city of Novokuznetsk, in the Kemerovo region. In an interview with the musician openly said that thinking about the modern men. Sergey Shnurov: “Is sex don’t even remember!”

“Men have become too narcissistic, they enjoy themselves. Left room for experimentation. I remember in 1998 I had a feeling that I can do everything. It is now necessary to limit itself in many respects due to age reasons and obsessive, attention that occurs via social networking sites. Then I was burdened. So, returning to the subject of men. Narcissism grows stronger, and the idea that the woman is better not to listen, because she is the winner of antilogic remains. Nonsense, in my opinion! It is necessary to listen and just to conclusions. The ladies can gather a lot constructive. Their logical apparatus is arranged quite differently. Their intuition is a great thing! Men in this respect easier of the apes: they come from a family of monkeys “ordinary”, “fight”. Back in the days when we had tails, the ladies hung more functions and responsibility”, – confessed the singer.

Cords also told that he takes everything from life and enjoys every minute of it. Therefore, experiments with looks and music, it’s business as usual.

“Each of our second unique. That almost no one understands. Everyone is trying to hold on to a certain age, to reach a certain point. Never say: “I was held…” Held you when you were born. My main rule that helped to become who I am, not to hold on to old beliefs. They just have a brake that prevents to make a new world. On their beliefs need to learn to look from the outside”.