Сергей Шнуров возвращается на Первый канал
The leader of group “Leningrad” has become a leading new project.

Sergey Shnurov

“The main cat country” is a new entertainment show, which on Sunday will lead Sergey Shnurov together with three charming assistants.

The leader of group “Leningrad” will confront us the way few have seen it — homemade GoToWebinar. Cords will open the door of his apartment to show him who’s boss … him or the cat Vaska. Together with Sergey we will walk in St. Petersburg, get into the most secret places of the Northern capital — the Hermitage cellars, will be on the roofs of the night city, go sailing with this cat the boatswain. We will pass in cities of Russia from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad in search of an answer to the question — why we love cats and how to make them love us.

“Cats are very similar to their masters — said Cords. For example, I had a cat who, despite the fact that he was fed caviar with a spoon, was still similar to the tattered street cat. So our show is not about cats, but about us. Such things”.

This program is a real gift for the cat owner because it covers virtually all aspects of cat life. Viewers will be taught how to care for cats: bathe, clean ears, trim nails. How do you make a pet for the house or an interesting toy. How to cook healthy cat’s lunch. Will lead to walk-in guests to the star fans of cats.

Experienced cat owner I know that sometimes animals start acting strange: scratch masters, crawl under the bed and refuse to come out, bite. If a normal cat suddenly turned into a cat inadequate, that there is always a reason. Such animals in one of the sections of the program will be to provide psychological help. Cool professionals will show up at the house and will “upset” the cat recover.

And, of course, each program offers dozens of clips with cats from the Internet steadily collect millions of views! The format of the program “Main cat country” involves interaction with the audience. Every week the presenter will select the funniest and clever cats, videos which spread on the Internet by their owners.

“The main cat country” is a project in which television has teamed up with the Internet and content creation participate the viewers – we will show a hilarious video with your favorite Pets, and helpful tips from popular bloggers,” — said General Director of “red square” Ilya Krivitsky.

Viewers will be able to take part in the grandiose contest. To do this, just send us a video, which depicted a cat. And not necessarily that he had an exceptional talent – the cat can hunt for a fly or hang from the curtains. At the end of the year Sergey Shnurov will sum up competition and will announce “the Main seal of the country.”