Sergei Safronov was released with a new companion

Сергей Сафронов вышел в свет с новой спутницей The illusionist presented the girl. Sergei Safronov six months ago, told about the breakup with his wife Maria. Ex-wife and he lived together for five years. Now they are trying to maintain friendly relations for the sake of two children.

At the end of December last year, the wife of a famous illusionist Sergey Safronov Maria announced their separation. She thanked her husband for all five happy years of marriage. In marriage they had two children, a daughter Alina and a son Vladimir, however, even this could not save the pair from gap.

Today at premium Fashion People Awards Sergei Safronov appeared together with a charming brunette. Not the girl was wearing a satin dress of pale pink with a peplum and small train. She held the man’s arm, which gave occasion to the fans attribute to them a novel. Many noted that the couple looks great together. “StarHit” associated with the famous illusionist to figure out the details of the new novel.

“This is my friend Ekaterina Kuzmina, she is a TV presenter, model, – said Safronov. We met her at one of the events where she was leading, and I’m a guest. And then it turned out that we were both invited to this evening, so we decided to come together. We’re not a couple, but friends.”

Six months ago, Sergei and Maria was able to leave without scandals. Illusionist admitted that the reason for the divorce with his wife was the lack of time they could spend together. Because of the work they are often not used at home, and so between them scandals broke out. Sergei Safronov about breaking up with his wife: “For me it was a surprise”

“We were constantly on the move, little time spent together, – shared with “StarHit” Sergey. Communication was mainly by phone, but even so we managed to quarrel. Masha constantly thought I was cheating on her. Every time I comforted her, explained that all that she invented. And lived from case to case.”

Safronov said that after a quarrel he Packed up and moved to a separate apartment in order to consider the further joint life. The actor admitted that he will make every effort to maintain good relations with the mother of his children.