Sergei Safronov doesn’t trust psychics

Сергей Сафронов не доверяет экстрасенсам
Famous illusionist Sergey Safronov leads of the show “Battle of psychics.”

Сергей Сафронов не доверяет экстрасенсам

In a recent interview he has told about his attitude to the abilities of psychics. It turns out that he doesn’t believe in their magic and is skeptical of what they are doing.

Сергей Сафронов не доверяет экстрасенсам

“That even now, many who consider themselves magicians, write that I will have a son. But we all know that daughter. How then to treat them?! I have no right to feel the belief in black or white magic, otherwise it will work. And if you start to believe it, “the Battle of psychics” will Vera Sotnikova, and not Sergei Safronov. I’m all the time crying, fear, worry… And should be objective, keep cool,” said Safronov.

It is worth noting that now Sergey and his wife are expecting a baby, soon they have a daughter.

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