Sergei Safronov broke up with his wife

Сергей Сафронов расстался с женой The wife of the illusionist announced the breakup. Sergei Safronov lived for five years in marriage with Maria. The couple are raising two children, Alina and Vladimir. Now the former darling of the celebrity does not want to be associated with the famous family.

      Famous illusionist Sergey Safronov married his beloved Mary in 2011. They grow two children – a daughter Alina and a son Vladimir. However, after five years of marriage, the couple decided to leave. According to former lady magician, their marriage has long been bursting at the seams. However, they tried to create the appearance of a prosperous family life for the kids.

      “Dear friends! It so happened that my time has come to tell everything to someone is bad, but for someone, I’m sure, good news. More I am not a part of the family Safronov. We all decided peacefully and all agreed. It was bound to happen sooner, but the kids had to be patient and wait until they grow up. Before retirement to wait we were not going,” – said Maria in a microblog.

      Despite the separation, Maria is grateful to her husband for the years of marriage and all the good things they had experienced together. She was happy that I became part of a big family, but now she asks everyone to stop associating her with Safonovym, although raising General Sergei children.

      “I want to say a huge thank you for everything, I was glad to spend this part of my life with you. Glad we remained friends. Ilya, I wish to always be wise and strong. This man has always helped and mentored. Have always fascinated me. Let’s multiply all the good in this family. I ask everyone to associate me with these people is to stop doing it, because I’ve never been a public person. If you receive questions from journalists would be correct to ask all the questions to Sergei or his PR people. Everyone can enjoy a glass of sparkling for our health!” – written by a woman.

      Members were surprised at this statement of the wife of the illusionist. They could not believe that their marriage fell apart. However, they wished Mary a happy life. “Everything that happens, all the best!” “Mary, you are wonderful and very beautiful, I wish you great happiness!”, “Wow. I’m in shock. It is certainly not good news! Mashenka, you’ll be fine, you’re smart, beautiful and very nice people! Great you happiness.” – supported the friends of Maria.