Sergei Safronov about breaking up with his wife: “For me it was a surprise”

Сергей Сафронов о разрыве с женой: «Для меня это стало сюрпризом» Yesterday it became known that the famous illusionist went with his wife. Sergei Safronov said “StarHit” that caused his serious quarrel with the chosen one. Despite the fact that the man lives separately from his family, Mary’s decision to file for divorce was a complete surprise to him.

      Before it became known that Sergei Safronov was separated from his wife Maria. About this beloved illusionist announced in social networks. She thanked Sergey for the years spent in marriage, and told that remained in good relations with the star. A day later, Safronov said “StarHit” about what happened in his family. The man confirmed the news about the breakup with his wife. He also shed light on the reasons why it happened.

      Sergei Safronov broke up with his wife

      “We were constantly on the move, little time spent together, – shares with “StarHit” Sergey. Communication was mainly by phone, but even so we managed to quarrel. Masha constantly thought I was cheating on her. Every time I comforted her, explained that all that she invented. And lived from case to case.”

      Safronov told that the wife was jealous of the groupies. According to Safronov, it became the reason for numerous quarrels. “We are constantly concerts in different cities – continues to Safronov, and December for all artists is the busiest. Of course, after the show, any normal artist nobody will deny joint photos. Then there are different pictures with girls, which often involve highly ambiguous phrases such as “Thank you, Sergei! It was unforgettable…” So guess born my wife and I understand her. But for me there is no sin!”

      In recognition Safronova, after work, he was very tired and could not relax at home. “I want simple warmth and “hugs”, but instead “the removal of the brain,” says the star.

      Sergei also announced that he and Maria are going to apply for a divorce after the holidays. New year’s the illusionist will meet separately from the family.

      “I’m sorry that happened… for me it was a surprise. A month ago, after another argument, I gathered my things and moved into a separate apartment. Not completely, time to give her to understand that you can’t do this anymore… I always quietly treated the stamp in the passport is there or not. Want to divorce – letting will not. My children will forever be mine. I’ll still spend time with them. Have prepared the gifts for the New year and 31 sure to congratulate! And Masha will try to keep a good relationship – we’re adults!” shared the illusionist.

      We will remind that Sergey Safronov married Mary in 2011. The couple grows two charming children – daughter Alina and son Vladimir. According to the wife of a celebrity, the problems in her relationship with her husband began long ago. Sergey and Maria tried to maintain a semblance of family well-being for heirs, but they have failed.

      “I are not part of the family Safronov. We all decided peacefully and all agreed. It was bound to happen sooner, but the kids had to be patient and wait until they grow up. Before retirement to wait we were not going… Want to say a huge thank you for everything, I was glad to spend this part of my life with you. Glad we’re still friends,” wrote Maria in one of his social networks.