Sergei Plotnikov decided on a DNA test for the baby’s sake

Сергей Плотников решился на ДНК-тест ради ребенка The actor and his son Ilya Morgunov, who at one time renounced his father, changed his name and patronymic, passed the test on the lie detector. Sergei Plotnikov doubted kinship with the young man. Experts have revealed to them the truth.
Сергей Плотников решился на ДНК-тест ради ребенка

Sergei Plotnikov, Ilya Morgunov came to the Studio talk show “really” Dmitry Shepelev to find out whether they are blood relatives. The artist became suspicious that the boy was cheating on him and only pursues selfish goals. From Ilya also have doubts. A young man believes himself to be completely unlike the famous actor. In the beginning of the program Sergey told experts and Studio guests that would be happy if Ilya really are he is not native son.

“We have the opposite values. At the moment, the impression that I was this man a stranger,” – said Ilya in the Studio talk show.
Сергей Плотников решился на ДНК-тест ради ребенка

The first question that was asked by the son of the actor: “are You sure you’re my father?” Sergey replied in the affirmative, but it was a lie.

Afterwards, the experts in the Studio asked carpenter why he threw the mother of Elijah.

“I didn’t have the paternal instinct then. I went to another woman,” said the actor.

Plotnikov admitted that Olga, Ilya’s mother, begged him to stay. “She always was my deity. She said, dump her, stay with me. I remain,” – said the artist. But in the end the woman herself broke and kicked Sergei.

The actor said that he tried to help ex-wife. The man rented an apartment for the former wives and of the son, has also provided financial support.

Carpenters believed that Olga and Ilya was a burden to him.

“Elijah, these kids are with me. And you’re not with me,” said the artist.
Сергей Плотников решился на ДНК-тест ради ребенка

Ilya told a talk show that he was raised by his stepfather and grandfather. Both parents were strict and frequently beat the boy in his childhood.

“He knew English. Because of this I too well know,” he told wink about the stepfather.

Many years later father and son met in Moscow. According to Sergei, he was trying to help Ilya to enroll in College theater, but the son passed the exams and spent time outside in the company of friends. Then the father decided to send the boy back to his mother in contol. There is a young man he entered the actor. According to Sergei, the son began to demand money from him, Elijah asked to send sums for repairs in University or in sports nutrition.

“I realized that I have absolutely nothing to give him. Love it my children, especially the eldest, seven year old. He teaches them to cheat,” – said the father.
Сергей Плотников решился на ДНК-тест ради ребенка

Experts asked Ilya if he was taking drugs. The young man replied in the negative, but the detector showed that he was lying.

At the end of the talk show “really” presenter Dmitry Shepelev announced the actor Sergei Plotnikov, Ilya Morgunov really his own son. The paternity of 99%.

Сергей Плотников решился на ДНК-тест ради ребенка