Sergei Kapkov became the father of many children

Сергей Капков стал многодетным отцом
Ex-lover is a famous TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, Sergei Kapkov, recently again became a father.

Сергей Капков стал многодетным отцом

It turned out that the addition in the family of Sergey and his wife Sophia occurred in the spring, but they were not informed about it. A woman throughout her pregnancy continued to work.

Сергей Капков стал многодетным отцом

Sophia admitted that he tries to give all his children equal attention, despite the employment.

“I go to film markets, festivals, workshops and master classes. Thanks to the Internet I am always connected. This speeds up the resolution of any issues. I have no separation between the working and non-working time. It’s an honest answer. In this case we have a big family – my oldest daughter will be 18 years old and the youngest five months. As such maternity leave I was not” – said the woman.

It is worth noting that this is the second marriage of Sergei Kapkov, by his first wife of a man two children grow up.

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