Сергею Жорину угрожают расправой из-за женщины Counsel has drawn the IRE of an influential gangster. A crime boss, who is a fan of lady Natalia, Sergey, wants to kill him. Zhorin is going to fight a secret enemy by all available means.

      Star lawyer Sergei Zhorin has repeatedly faced threats in the address. Recently Nikita Dzhigurda promised to beat up the lawyer, because they believed that he set up Maria Anisina against him. Now Gorina had problems more serious. Sergey told me that his threatening to kill.

      In one of the video streams social networking Periscope lawyer explained that a crime boss unhappy with his relationship with a woman named Natalia Rogozina. The name of the person Zhorin has not yet calls. The law promised to use all available methods to stop the detractors. Video with participation of Sergey and Natalia has been available online for about a day, but then disappeared.

      “That’s her fan. First called his people, then he personally contacted me and said, “You bought a ticket to war”, – shared with “StarHit” Sergey.

      The lawyer explained that is often faced such behavior on the part of criminals. He received threats from representatives of criminal circles, but never touched his personal life. According to Sergey, now all these people are already serving their prison terms. Some threats Zhorin wasn’t paying attention, but this time he sees that his opponent is resolute.

      “I understand that he is able to fulfill them. Moreover, he still has people who can help to implement the plans”, – said the Zhorin.

      According to the lawyer, he took up the challenge of crime boss. The man promised that any act of the offender he will be responsible for measures provided for by law.

      Despite what is happening around them a couple, Sergey and Natalia continue to spread in social networks photos. At the moment the lovers on holiday in Italy and enjoying the beautiful views of the Mediterranean country. Under one of the pictures Zhorin left the hashtag #naslovnica. In the frame Rogozin gently kisses the lawyer. Fans noted that the lawyer literally glows with happiness. “Finally a real woman” “She is very intelligent and attractive, I sincerely wish you happiness in the new year,” wrote in the comments of the users of the network.