Sergei Glushko, excited candid photos

Сергей Глушко взволновал откровенным фото The husband of Natasha Koroleva naked at the ocean, once again demonstrating the perfect body. The artist is not shy to show different parts of the body and excite fans of the perfect forms.

Sergey Glushko (Tarzan) is currently on vacation. The artist loves to shock the audience and actively share with fans photos, most of which are very explicit. Most recently, Tarzan posted a sexy photo, agog admirers stars male strippers.

On a photo Sergey is sunbathing on the beach. It is noteworthy that in the frame were the spicy part of the body of the artist. Signed photograph of Tarzan simply: “All the warmth!”

Fans were impressed and shared his emotions: “What a relief shore! A good holiday, warm sea and not too burning sun!”, “Class!”, “Good!”, “Handsome, comfortable!”, “Handsome, Natalia was lucky!”

The founder of the “Tarzan-show” likes to surprise the audience and often puts in microblogging photos and videos with erotic content. A few months ago he and his wife Natasha Koroleva excited about the network of his candid videos where a couple of sexy moves to the music. Thus lovers celebrated Valentine’s Day. The video has caused excitement among fans of the star couple.

Natalia has always stressed that it did not bother the occupation of the spouse and those pictures which he shares on the Network. On the contrary, the singer claimed that Striptease her husband, and she’s pretty proud of.

“Sergei in this genre only without competitors. There are a lot of young, muscular, handsome guys. But something they lack, to become like him. I am very proud of him.” confessed the Queen.

A couple of Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko fans is considered one of the highest in the Russian show business, because they have been together for over ten years. Spouses complement each other and don’t even have a reason for quarrels.

Now Korolev and Glushko brought up the only son Arkhip and dream that their heir will have a brother or sister. The couple are considering a variety of options for replenishment in the family.

Recently, the media published news about a possible pregnancy Natalia in connection with the controversial publication in the microblog singer. However, Sergei has denied this information, saying that we are talking about the birth of a new joint project with his wife.