Сергей Гармаш впервые стал дедушкой
The daughter of 58-year-old actor gave birth to the long awaited heir.

Sergei Garmash with his daughter Daria

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

It is known that Sergey Garmash about his personal life and family
very reluctantly said: the news that legendary actor became a grandfather
became known some weeks later after the birth of the Garmash’s long-awaited grandson.

early January, the 28-year-old artist Daria gave birth to a boy, made happy not
only a newly minted grandfather, but my husband — illuminator Pavel Sidorov,
the wedding which was played in the summer of 2015. Daria gave birth in one of the capital
clinics. The child’s name is kept secret.

According to his wife, Garmash, Inna Timofeeva, when her daughter
got pregnant, she decided not even to know the sex of the child, to his appearance on
light was her husband surprise.

Recall, when Daria presented to his father
chosen, he approved the choice of his daughter.
Paul he seemed a great guy. And when famous father learned that
will soon become a grandfather, was waiting for this event with more anticipation.