Sergei Filin was married after 19 years

Сергей Филин сыграл свадьбу спустя 19 лет знакомства Choreographer tied the knot with ballerina Maria Parwich. They have two growing sons. At the celebration, which was held in the Griboedov registry office, was invited friends and relatives of Sergei Filin.
Сергей Филин сыграл свадьбу спустя 19 лет знакомства

The long-awaited wedding dancers played after 19 years of Dating. The celebration was held in the Griboedov registry office, surrounded by only the closest.

The bride chose a modest white dress made of light fabric, and the groom gave preference to a bold blue suit and bow tie. To congratulate the newlyweds friends came Sergei Filin and Maria Parwich and their children, Sasha and Sergei. Among the guests was also possible to notice the older heir choreographer Daniel, which he gave to the first wife, ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre, Inna Petrova.

Civil the couple decided to legalize their relations on the eve of the anniversary of living together, which they plan to celebrate next year.

Сергей Филин сыграл свадьбу спустя 19 лет знакомства

After marriage the couple went to Moscow, and on the evening for the guests of the bride and groom booked a restaurant. During the walk, according to tradition, newly-married couples left on the bridge of locks, symbolizing their strong Union.

“At the wedding of a school friend Sergei Filin”, – has signed a frame singer Danko.
Сергей Филин сыграл свадьбу спустя 19 лет знакомства

As told Filin in his interviews, Maria always very supportive. In particular, in 2013, in their family there was a misfortune – he was attacked. The enemies threw him in the eyes with acid. After several operations he was able to see again.

“The hardest part was probably to open your eyes and not to see relatives. After one of the operations that had been hoped for, I had a month to live with sewn over the centuries. I was wondering when the stitches will be removed. Our entire family gathered at the hospital in Aachen, all mentally prepared… I opened my eyes and…nothing. Children understood that I do not see, but tried not to look, tried to be merry, cheerful… I have always been for their support, and now they had to substitute my shoulder. They kept my hands on the street, and helped to step over curbs, climb stairs, “Daddy, daddy…”. Having gone through this, it is very hard to change internally,”– said the owl.

Now the choreographer does not remove goggles that shield his eyes from dust and other small particles.

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