Сергей Челобанов вновь оказался в центре скандала с ДНК-тестом The singer demands examination. Chelobanov said that he doubted the relationship with Dukedom Sasha, who bears his name. Unexpected statement he made on television.
Сергей Челобанов вновь оказался в центре скандала с ДНК-тестом

New edition of “the Stars aligned” on NTV channel dedicated to DNA research. And leading characters of the show talked about how one test changes the life circumstances in which people learned that do not have each other blood relatives still stay together and why some, even after receiving negative results, continue, for example, to raise step-kids. Among others, the Studio invited the civil wife of singer and composer, once favorite Diva, Sergei Chelobanova – Eugene Grande.

Now a songwriter living in two cities – working in Moscow, and in Saratov region, Balakovo, together with the civil wife who is almost half his age and has a son Sasha. The boy for two years. Chelobanov in the Studio were not present, but he recorded a video interview which shocked his beloved.

Sergey suddenly confessed that he doubted, whether native son brings. And in the program for the whole country demanded proof of kinship.

Сергей Челобанов вновь оказался в центре скандала с ДНК-тестом“She told me while civilian spouse, son, although I have recorded on my name. Recently started noticing unusual for me demeanor. The first sign something was wrong. The level of firmness of character, behavior, the level of perseverance in goal achievement while still children, that’s not my… There is a suspicion that what is not fused until it is sure that “in nature” – this is my son, I will not rest,” said chelobanov.

For Eugene, who before the start of the video, said that the relationship with Sergey is great and he is a good father, a statement Chelobanova was a shock. The woman, barely holding back tears, couldn’t find the words and didn’t know how to react. But in the end took himself in hand and expressed their willingness to surrender all the necessary tests.

Сергей Челобанов вновь оказался в центре скандала с ДНК-тестом“I got a shock! He never said that he doubted that the baby was his. I have never given occasion for such statements, especially publicly… It actually offends me as a woman. I don’t want to talk to him even while he doesn’t apologize at least. And… I’m ready for my son has been through a DNA test publicly,” she said.

Sergey Vasilyevich did not answer the question of journalists of, whether he keeps his civil wife loyalty, but her integrity is immediately questioned. It is curious that less than a year ago in another program of the NTV channel Sergey chelobanov publicly proposed to his beloved Eugenia, and one in the TV Studio said Yes. Apparently, to the Registrar’s office parents of a two-year Sasha never came. Recall that the Chelobanova has two more children from his first marriage – Denis and Nikita, both already over thirty. That they are his family by blood, singer of the doubt is not yet expressed.

Sergei Chelobanova forced to undergo a DNA test live