Сергей Челобанов получил результат ДНК-теста The man is not believed that the boy was born from it. The former lover of Alla Pugacheva Sergei chelobanov suspected his civil wife of infidelity. Eugenia Grande was insulting to hear such statements from a loved one.
Сергей Челобанов получил результат ДНК-теста

Not long ago, the former lover of Alla Pugacheva Sergei chelobanov admitted in one of the programs he doesn’t believe that his civil wife Evgenia Grande gave birth to son Sasha from him. The reason for suspicion was the fact that the kid does not like him for some traits. Also, the man was surprised that for two years he dreams of becoming a father again, but his efforts are still not successful. Sergey dared to undergo a genetic test to dispel all your doubts.

Sergei chelobanov was again at the center of the scandal with the DNA

Eugene 25 years younger Chelobanova. She feels hurt that he doubted her integrity and devotion. A woman appeared in the Studio of “DNA”. She considers a personal insult to the words of a loved one. It’s a shame that the man does not talk to her in person.

“It is an insult and affront!” – said Eugene.
Сергей Челобанов получил результат ДНК-теста

She admits that the man never struck up a conversation about the fact that he has some suspicions. Eugene and little Sasha is living in the Saratov region, while dad works in Moscow and often goes on tour. Couple together ten years, but the man still took his beloved to the Registrar.

“We have a relationship businesslike, then friendly, then came the son,” – said about the novel Eugene.

Despite the fact that Sergey works a lot, he is in no hurry to establish a life of his family – the Grand itself made repairs in the apartment, buying the furniture and not begging for help. By day, she is near the baby, and sings in the evening in the restaurant. Even when husband comes to her house, she sleeps with the child, and the man got your own bed.

Сергей Челобанов получил результат ДНК-теста

Sergey also came to the Studio to see the results of the DNA test. Guests could not ask what had alarmed the man and why he makes such strong statements in the address of the woman.

“Probably just the wind of words is not going to Chuck. There is a strong my observations, suspicions. As they grow older, Sasha, I began to observe some of the extrinsic for me manners. I always, setting a goal, achieved it. While in Sasha’s character traits do not see. There is a “visual” of suspicion. Very much like my mother, many say that that is me, but I’d like to figure it out,” – said Sergey.

The experts were surprised by such claims men – because the child is only two years, and therefore it is too early to speak about any certain traits. Chelobanov waited for the announcement of examination results.

“The likelihood that the man has his own father this boy – 99,9%, I congratulate you,” said the Studio.

Sergey did not begin to hide that it was hoping for such an outcome. He apologized to Eugenia on her knees and brought her a bouquet. However, the woman hit roses civil husband. That didn’t stop Chelobanova. He gave her a ring and asked to become his wife. Grande said he would consider this offer.