Сергей Челобанов пережил клиническую смерть

A former lover of the prima Donna Alla Pugacheva Sergei chelobanov told about the case, which turned and changed his life forever.

The young artist was rather rough. The fun and partying was accompanied not only by an abundance of alcohol and drugs. It is because of this addiction chelobanov went to jail for when the next dose stole the synthesizer to sell it and make some money. Drugs needed a lot of money. That whistled from one tavern synth. Wanted to sell and to buy, but we got caught”, explained chelobanov.

To overcome the dependence Sergei helped not only stay in places not so remote, but the most that neither is a real death.

Сергей Челобанов пережил клиническую смерть

“Yes, I died, – said the singer to the magazine “Secrets of the stars”. – From the next dose heart stopped. Then I turned my life and quit drugs. But it was too late. The former did not return. Life went downhill”.

Despite the thoughts of despair that were visited Chelobanova at the time, now everything is going well as ordinary people.

In January of this year 54-year-old singer became a father for the third time. Son of Alexander Chelobanov gave birth to a young lass Evgeny Dolgov.

“I never thought that at age 54 became young again father. Earlier I was engaged in nonsense, and now took up the mind”, — said the musician.

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