Sergei chelobanov suggested that he might be the father of children Pugacheva

Сергей Челобанов предположил, что он может быть отцом детей Пугачевой

Recently kids of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin was three years old. On this occasion was organized a lavish feast, which was attended by many star friends of the family. But it was not among the invited former lover of Alla Pugacheva Sergei Chelobanova (the artists met three years – 1990 and 1993), though perhaps his presence was necessary. The fact that Sergey believes that may be relevant to Harry and Lisa. Chelobanov think that he, not Galkin, may be their father.

Speculation about his paternity Sergei was expressed in Studio of the new show “the Secret in a million”, which leads Lera Kudryavtseva.

In the show, chelobanov said that when the Diva had children, he was “ashamed to think” that could have something to do with it. And the reasons he had when they with Alla Borisovna were together I dreamed of children, but to conceive naturally they did not work. The couple decided to freeze the biological material to later acquire offspring.

Sergey believes that his biological material was subsequently used Pugacheva, appeared Lisa and Harry.

Yet such statements Chelobanova family Galkin-Pugacheva has not responded.