Sergei Chelobanov forbidden to meet with her granddaughter

Сергею Челобанову запрещают встречаться с внучкой The composer talked about personal problems. According to Sergei Chelobanova, senior heir jealous of his new family. Currently he is thinking to marry a young lover, who recently gave him baby.
Сергею Челобанову запрещают встречаться с внучкой

The peak of popularity of Sergei Chelobanova peaked in the early 90s, when the young composer met with Alla Pugacheva. The man was able to conquer the Donna, with the result that they began a passionate affair that lasted three years. After parting ways with the singer, the composer left his native town in the Saratov region.

Chelobanov claims not to regret about lost glory. Now he is absolutely happy in a relationship with a young lover, but is in no hurry to enter into a formal marriage.

“Decided to postpone the wedding, we want to son is a little older. The birth of a child has changed my life. Now I almost never drink, spend time with them”, – shared his happiness of the composer.

Earlier Sergey already said about the planned wedding with his young lover. In may 2017, he became the guest of the program “the Secret” one million, making an offer to the mother of the younger son live. Fiancee Chelobanova said Yes, but the ceremony never took place. According to the musician, they are good together and without a stamp in the passport.

However, the personal life of Sergei had a negative impact on his relationship with his eldest son. The musician was a guest of the program “the Stars aligned”, the air which he talked about problems in the family. According to the composer, the 34-year-old man doesn’t want to communicate with him due to the basic jealousy. The heir set against the darling of his father and even prohibits Chelobanov to see my little granddaughter.

“I haven’t met her granddaughter for two years. It is a choice son. He leaned on the horn and prevents my communication with the child. Like cut me off, erased from his life. I do not understand where’s the baby? Let’s pouting at me, but I want to chat with a girl. Let’s see what will happen next,” – said Sergey leading Lera Kudryavtseva.

According to the man, he did everything he could to raise a son worthy man. Sergei helped the heir to the financial and even after a protracted quarrel is ready to go with him on contact. Now chelobanov for a living for the rare performances and writes songs that are sometimes unable to sell his former colleagues on stage. However, the artist does not complain about life. Moreover, Sergey is pleased with how his fate.