Sergei Bezrukov: “Yes! Married!”

Сергей Безруков: «Да! Женился!»
The actor first commented on his wedding with Anna matison.

Сергей Безруков: «Да! Женился!»

Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison

Photo: Maxim Lee

A secret marriage the 42-year-old Sergei Bezrukov and 32-year-old Anna matison became the main sensation of the week. Even the news of the birth of a son at Yulia Snigir and Evgeny Tsyganov (this is already the eighth child actor!) could not overshadow the significance of this news.

Bezrukov long silent and finally, for the first time commented on changes in his personal life (kept the original spelling, punctuation and expression): “my Dear, Horoshie!!!!!) Still don’t want interference in their personal lives, but to avoid a huge amount of gossip and rumours inform you about your new status! Yes! Married! Thank you all for sincere greetings and understanding!!! Wish you happiness and plenty of SUNNY DAYS in your life!!! Thank you! WITH SPRING ALL OF YOU!!!!”

Сергей Безруков: «Да! Женился!»

Sergey Bezrukov

Photo: @s_bezrukov (Instagram Sergey Bezrukov)

This message caused a new wave of congratulations and good wishes from millions of fans Bezrukova, some of whom are already devoted fans of the Director Anna matison, who like her films “Satisfaction” and “milky way”, which was released on the screen recently. Shooting this Christmas Comedy in which Sergey together with Marina Alexandrova has played a major role and became the beginning of a relationship of the future spouses.

Matison long sought by leading male role, was in talks with Konstantin Khabensky and Dmitry Duuuum, but someone will over led her into the office of the artistic Director of the Moscow provincial theater. It is in the office Bezrukov and there was their fateful meeting, after which was full of adventure and mystery trip to lake Baikal, a few months of a secret romance and then the premiere of the relations in the magazine “7 days” in December last year.

Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison

Photo: Philip Goncharov

At the moment Sergey and Anna are working on a new joint
project. The film is “After you” about the fate of a talented dancer Alexei Temnikova
(his role was played by the now legal husband
directed by matison) promises to be a great event level or Cannes
Venetian festivals.

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