Сергей Безруков показал подросшую дочь
The actor and his wife Anna matison rest with the baby outside the city.


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Сергей Безруков показал подросшую дочь

Сергей Безруков показал подросшую дочь

Here it is – a TEAM!))) All a good holiday! Signed: DAD

A touching picture with her three-month-old daughter Masha
shared Sergey Bezrukov. Together with his wife Anna matison and the baby they are now resting
in the country, the actor took a short vacation from work to be with the family. On
suburban area just ripe raspberries, which indulge the couple.

Let’s remind, that about pregnancy Anna matison became known in
the festival “Kinotavr”, on the opening day, which celebrity couple made
an official statement about the impending changes. The couple had arrived in Sochi to
to discuss with the critics of his film “After you”, who participated in the primary
the competitive program. And in less than a month after his return to Moscow, Anna
Matheson gave birth to a daughter. “My dear, Good! 4th of July,just in time, Anya
gave me a daughter, Masha! I’m happy!”, — wrote Sergey Bezrukov.

Sergei Bezrukov with his daughter Masha

Photo: @s_bezrukov (Instagram Sergei Bezrukov)

This morning it became known that the NTV removes spyware
detective “Hunting for the devil”, the main role in this project is played by Sergey Bezrukov. The basis of history went to real scientific discovery, Russian physicist
Mikhail Filippov, which he made in the early nineteenth century. The researchers examined
electromagnetic waves and performed experiments on the transmission of energy of explosion on
distance. This phenomenon got the name of a hypothetical beam Filippov. New
series NTV will show what would be the consequence for humanity of the Second world war,
if development Filippova has not been destroyed.

In the story the secret weapon the scouts are coming from
Germany, USSR, Japan and the UK. To confront them will be Max Livius
(Sergey Bezrukov), a former Russian officer, mastered in peacetime profession
filmmaker. He will help NKVD agent and part-time girlfriend Anna
(Maria meadow), as well as British intelligence officer and devoted friend, Phil
Kilby (Artem Tkachenko).

The shooting took place in different parts of Moscow, where for
project decorative built complexes that recreate the urban environment
Western Europe 30-ies with authentic interiors, vintage cars and
detail reproduced by the replica costumes. Work on the project allows
Bezrukov to spend with his family all his spare time.

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