Сергей Безруков и Анна Матисон опоздали на закрытие «Кинотавра»
The star couple did not have time on the red carpet due to a flight delay.

Anna matison and Sergei Bezrukov

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison all week attract attention to themselves. Of course! On the eve of the 27-th festival “Kinotavr”, the pair announced that very soon they have a baby. Bezrukov purposely did this in advance to avoid unnecessary hype around his pregnant wife, with whom he together introduced in Sochi a picture “After you.” Of course, the excitement was not small! On the discussion of the film Sergei and Anna from commenting on personal matters tactfully refused. But only because, in addition to pleasant expectations of the child, any dramatic detail to share, they simply can’t.

It should be noted that Anna looks just fine. Her eyes Shine with happiness and the last months of pregnancy did not spoil her. Often, it is difficult for women in the third trimester, however, matison feeling so well that is safe to fly on airplanes. Last week she arrived in Sochi and rest here until Bezrukov flew on tour.

The flight today, Sergei was detained in Moscow, so he and Anna missed on the red carpet. Fans of the pair were beginning to get upset, but before the beginning of the action on the stage of the Winter theatre in Sochi Bezrukov and Matheson has appeared in the auditorium. They could not miss this important event, because their movie “After you” was nominated in several categories. However, on the basis of “Kinotavr” win this time celebrating others.

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