Сергей Безруков и Анна Матисон снова претендуют на награды «Кинотавра»
In Moscow announced the competition program of the 29 th open Russian film festival.

Сергей Безруков и Анна Матисон снова претендуют на награды «Кинотавра»

Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Such an eventful “Kinotavr”, as this year,
it was not for all history of the festival. For true cinephiles, the beach, walks in Sochi
and Bohemian parties threaten to remain a pleasant memory from a past life. After all
this year two competitive programs, added another “Kinotavr. Debut”,
sessions will take place literally from dawn to dusk.

And if the newcomers are considered “dark horses” in the fight
in competition take serious contenders. Critics have for
more than a month before the festival make their bets. Among the favorites: “War
Anna” by Alexei Fedorchenko, “Russian devil” Gregory of Constantinople, “History
one destination” Avdotya Smirnova.

Сергей Безруков и Анна Матисон снова претендуют на награды «Кинотавра»

Oksana Akinshina became part of the jury of the main competition program

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Сергей Безруков и Анна Матисон снова претендуют на награды «Кинотавра»

Igor Vernik was part of the jury of the main competition program

Photo: Yury Feklistov

However, any of the 12 competition films main
program (and she still is formed) may become a sensation. Large
interest, for example, cause the next project Anna matison “Pushkin. Whiskey.
Rock-n-roll.” This film based on the novel by Sergei Dovlatov “Reserve”
produced by Sergei Bezrukov, he also played a major role. Recall that two
years ago, the couple has already participated in the contest “Kinotavr” and drama “After
you,” but then left without awards. But the appearance of this pair in Sochi was
a sensation, because Anna matison was on a serious time

By and large, the selectors have prepared this time for
members of the jury a complex chess game. Indeed, many of the contestants claim to
awards in several projects. That is essentially will be competing with themselves
you! So, producer Natalia mokritskaya presents two films: “Podbrey”
Ivan I. Tverdovsky and “Peace” by Denis Shabaev (along with the producers Ulyana
Savelyeva and Mila Rozanova). And the winner of the last season, script
the movie “Arrhythmia” Natalia meshchaniniv was filmed as the Director of a picture “heart of the world”.
And has co-written the script of drama “the War Anna”.

So the jury of the main competition program at the head
with Director Alexei Popogrebsky has to make a difficult choice. The jury in
this year’s invited the actress Oksana Akinshina, actor Igor Vernik, the operator Levan
Kapanadze, composer Igor Vdovin, the producer Yevgeni Gindilis and film critic Stas

Olga Zueva and Danila Kozlovskiy will present his new film in competition program debuts

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Competitors in the main competition is definitely strong. But not
the fact that the main sensation of “Kinotavr” will not do someone from the newcomers. In
the program “Kinotavr. Debut” will show eight
paintings, including the directorial debut of Olga Zueva “In the area”. One of the
the producer of the film became Danila Kozlovsky, he also played a major role. Destiny
first prizes in the new contest will decide the actress ravshana Kurkova, Director
Andrey Proshkin, the operator Mikhail hasaya, delegate Berlinale, rector SOFA Nikolai Nikitin. Chairman
the jury of the competition program — film critic, honorary FIPRESCI President Andrei Plakhov.

And very busy, according to tradition, became the competition “Kinotavr.
Short meter”. Almost thirty paintings have to look at the participants of the festival
in the first days of the festival. The jury, chaired by producer Julia
Mishkinene this year invited film critic Nikita Kartsev, actress Severiya
Anusauskaite and co-chair of the Board of Trustees of the festival “Kinotavr”, the founder
the Director of Fund of assistance to development of modern art RuArts Marianne

The festival “Kinotavr-2018” will begin its work in Sochi on June 2 and
lasted until June 10. After the red carpet and the opening ceremony will be a special screening of the new film by Kirill Serebrennikov “Summer” about the legendary rock musician Viktor Tsoi. This picture was in
the main competition of the Cannes film festival and will be shown for the first time in our country
it is in Sochi.