Sergei Batalov has bought the estate of the monastery

Сергей Баталов купил поместье у монастыря
The actor made myself a gorgeous gift for the 60th anniversary.

Sergey Batalov

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Today, the day of the anniversary, Sergey Batalov opened country
season. The actor left with his wife and daughter in the village Nikulino, which recently
bought a house and a land area of 15 acres.

“All my life I have lived in the city, we even have villas never
was not. And here on the 60th anniversary decided to make himself a gift. Arrived today
native to look at his estate, at the same time fry outdoors barbecue, note
birthday, breathe in the fresh air,” says the actor.

On the site, which offers a luxurious view
New Jerusalem monastery, the previous owners left the garden. But the house
Batalov and his family will have to finish themselves before to celebrate the new home.
Sergey Nuzhdin, bought the new building, while it is only walls and a roof where to shelter from the rain and wind, but to live here is still impossible.

The actor jokes — now he dreams on how to meet and
make friends with editors of television programmes, which are engaged in repair of country houses. Batalov is ready to provide your new home for the creative
experiments designers.