Серега или Полиграф ШарикOFF?

Серега или Полиграф ШарикOFF?

Sergei Parkhomenko, he’s the polygraph ШарикOFF, he well – known rapper and producer Serge. It was after the viral hit “Black Bumer” became one of the most successful performers in the CIS.

But don’t think Serge can hear in your address compliments only the Haters… on social networks only waiting for a reason to shoot down from the sky and return to earth.
“I love myself, I’m the best, I’m sure! And I do not hide that at Seregi a real star of the disease is better than venereal disease,” — said Sergei.
He believes that one should love himself first, because if you yourself is not good and not comfortable, you’re in bad company!

Серега или Полиграф ШарикOFF?
“I believe that a man must first be confident!”
As you can see, despite the fact that members actively discuss, or rather criticize the life Seregi – it does not care. He actively writes new tracks and no doubt a good future for his work. It’s simple! If you have your own haters – you have reached your own success!

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