Serena Williams told how he almost died at birth

Серена Уильямс рассказала, как чуть не погибла при родах
The tennis player shared dramatic detail the birth of her daughter.

Серена Уильямс рассказала, как чуть не погибла при родах

Serena Williams


Fans thought the tennis player, married Alexis Ohanian Serena Williams jokingly went through a very difficult for most women to the test — gave birth to her first child, a daughter, Olympia. But it was much more difficult. About this tennis player said in a recent interview.

As recognized by Williams, appearance on
the light of Olympia was not the way she expected. Although Serena about pregnancy
which became known in April 2017, planned to “natural childbirth” in
the time of the next examination, the doctor found the heartbeat of her child is barely
bugged. Williams was rushed into surgery and did an emergency C-section. The girl is saved, but in the process of operation
doctors have noticed that with Serena not quite right.

the day since when she first got to hug Olympia, as a tennis player
started to choke. The doctors could not understand, yet Williams insisted on
the computer tomography. Turned out her lungs were formed 2 of a blood clot. It turned out that Serena had been problems with the viscosity of blood, and she usually took medicine for
thin the blood. But before childbirth it is recommended to temporarily abandon
of their tablets.

Administered intravenously, the drug saved the life of Williams, but it turned out that it was
only the beginning of her problems. Shortly thereafter she sold operating
seam, and then showed internal bleeding. As admitted Serena,
a few weeks after discharge from the hospital almost could not get up with
bed. But then with an effort of will she forced herself to stand up: because, as admitted by Williams
it just killed the feeling of helplessness. She was embarrassed and hurt,
she was one of the best players on the planet, can hardly reach
the crib to change the baby diaper.

so far, Serena had managed to fully overcome the effects of complex
childbirth. Moreover, as already reported, she returned to the court. And although your
the first match on
World championship tennis in Abu Dhabi with
Elena Ostapenko — she lost to Serena
claims that everything was fine and she still feels very happy.

Serena Williams with her daughter


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