Serena Williams spoke about bodypositive and their fashion lines

Серена Уильямс рассказала о бодипозитиве и своей модной линии

The new issue of Essence magazine adorned the most highly paid sportswoman of the year Serena Williams. 37-year-old star was painted by the famous Nigerian artist Senbanjo, and was photographed Kwaku Alston. In an interview for the release of Serena spoke about bodypositive, taking yourself and your fashion line.

Серена Уильямс рассказала о бодипозитиве и своей модной линии

“My greatest joy is that I do what I always wanted to do, always dreamed about it. I just needed to do it yourself. Because when you invest in yourself, it adds to you confidence,” says Serena.

The star was seriously engaged in the development of its fashion collection, because she wanted. Acceptance of oneself and of the uniqueness of his body has helped her in creating dresses for every. “I developed universal red dress with draping at bust Twist Front for each and every. Identical people in the world, we are all different, we have different personality, different nature, different shapes. We look different and we need to present ourselves as who we are.”

“We want to be inclusive. We have this model in size XL. We call them great (model, large), because I don’t like the word plus-size. We also have marking’s great, because we believe that every woman is gorgeous. I hope the word great becomes popular and people stop using the word plus-size”.

“I adore fashion, obviously. Things must first come to me, as if to merge with me. I love not only fancy clothes, but classic. All depends on the situation: I can put on a crazy colored suit or something unusual that I never wore. Frankly, I can choose completely different things. It all depends on how I feel…” tells Serena about his love for fashion.

The athlete said and what is meant by the right to vote: “Freedom means to stand and not be afraid to say “I’m here” or “hear my voice”, or “I don’t agree with you” or “it is unfair and wrong.” I’ve done it my whole career. This respect for its roots, knowledge of family history, the history of the sport where I live. When I started my career, there were not many people similar to me. So it’s really important to always help other people to feel like they can be part of it.”

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