Serena Williams poisoned dog food

Серена Уильямс отравилась собачьей едой

The famous athlete, tennis player Serena Williams has done what is to be called intelligent does not, no matter how you try. The first racket of the world have feasted on dog food, but her stomach could not stand such experiments, which ultimately led to the poisoning.

About his misadventures with dog food Serena said in several videos that have published to Snapchat.

As recognized by Williams, in one of the Roman hotels she booked a dinner for your pet from a special menu. When the dish is brought, Serena thought she smells too appetizing and decided to try it, what will you feast on her four-legged friend.

Williams clarifies that ate only one spoonful. A few hours later she felt a bout of nausea.

“Before you condemn me, look at this! — says the athlete, showing the dish with the salmon. Chip liked it, but I don’t think it’s comfort food for people,” concluded Serena, which most likely will no longer experiment with food.

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