Серена Уильямс пережила жестокое разочарование
The tennis player said that made her bitterly to weep.

Серена Уильямс пережила жестокое разочарование

Serena Williams


Serena Williams admitted that she had to pay for participation in
Wimbledon high price. For training before a competition
she missed the first step, which made her 10-month-old
daughter Olympia.

Serena said that he experienced a burning frustration, because she dreamed
to be there on this historic occasion for the child and her moment. And she
time was on the court at All England Club…
“She took the first steps… I was not with her, and in training. When I learned about
this evening, it was crying…” said Williams.

However, since she became a mother, Serena, who was famous personality, was often crying. For example, Williams recently cried when
decided to abandon the feeding daughter breast. “I explained it to her. Said mom had
to do so… then I cried…” — said Serena. Even earlier, when
Olympia was quite tiny, the tennis player is not just crying about something else. “Very little
a lot of crying. And I couldn’t understand why. It’s one thing if she just
colic, and quite another if she got sick … And I cried with her helplessness,
because really wanted, but couldn’t help her…” recalls Williams.

We will remind, the daughter Alexis gave birth to Olympia athlete in
September of last year, and just two months later she played
wedding with his beloved and the father of girls — Alexis Ohanian. It
got engaged in December of 2016, and announced the engagement a very original
by the way, writing a poem in prose. The product of the 35-year-old Serena can
loosely translated as follows: “I arrived home quite late. Someone stashed a surprise for me (in a box). I was waiting for “coach”. It
took me to the place where the first time we met loved It by accident…
down on one knee and uttered those four little words… I answered Him

Serena Williams c husband and daughter Olympia