Serena Williams has said that he wants a second child

Серена Уильямс заявила, что хочет второго ребенка
Tennis player copy the outfits of their little daughter.

Серена Уильямс заявила, что хочет второго ребенка

Fans of Serena Williams puzzled: tennis player said that it is not
going to stop at one child. This means that in the foreseeable
the future Williams will once again disappear from the tennis courts, and her fans long deprived of the pleasure
to watch her play. If after the birth of her second baby she’d even come back
to the sport.

“I definitely want two children. And, hopefully, my desire
true. However, not right now. I don’t know how long I will play
tennis, but I still didn’t finish!” — recently said a 23-fold
the winner of the Grand Slam tournaments.

Serena, who returned “from the decree” on the court on the eve of the New
years, yet failed to restore the level of the game. However,
the player is not discouraged: “I knew that the first matches after a break are always
very difficult. Especially after the birth of a child. But still, it was
well. I was very happy to play here!” said Williams, losing
his first match at the World tennis in Abu Dhabi.

But Serena can’t get enough of my baby Olympia, which she
gave birth to last fall. Daughter Williams all together referred to as “Princess”, and
Serena puts it, respectively. Recently she shared a video in which
captured Olympia, dressed in a charming
white dress and gold shoes. And your outfit and shoes, as admitted
tennis player, it is specially selected to match the outfit my daughter.

Recall that Olympia was born in early September 2017.
Serena admitted that the birth was very difficult and she almost died
from complications: first, in her lungs had clots, and then opened
internal bleeding. However, Williams managed to restore health
the surprise quickly. And two and a half months after the birth of Olympia
she got married with the father of the child
Alexis Ohanian.

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