Serena Williams gave birth!

Серена Уильямс родила!
The famous tennis player became a mother for the first time.

Serena Williams


As it became
you know, late last night Serena Williams, winner of many
records in tennis, including 39 wins in Grand Slam tournaments, has made
in the light of his first child. Serena was the lucky girl’s mother, her weight —
3100 grams. Reportedly, both mother and child are doing
great. Serena gave birth to my baby in the hospital St. Mary’s Medical center, located in West Palm Beach (FL). The child’s father — Alexis Ohanian — the groom Serena, about the engagement, which became known in December last year.

the birth of the famous tennis players have been quite successful, so was afraid she
in vain. Shortly before the arrival of her daughter in the light Serena admitted: “after Watching many online documentary
movies, I realized that childbirth is completely unpredictable, and it scares me!” —
said Serena. And she told that is not going to refuse the epidural
anesthesia. “Although many believe that it is not too useful, I moved
so many operations and so much have already suffered that endure even more pain to me
I would not want ….” — admitted Williams.

what about her pregnancy, Serena announced in April, when he posted his
the photo, which is signed “20 weeks”. Later, Williams said that not
was going to make his announcement public and put it in the public domain
only by mistake.

way, William, who managed to take part in the tournament in Australia in
January of this year, being pregnant, admitted that in addition to
the process of childbirth, it is very concerned about the future. Because, as previously stated
Serena, which was to produce a child into the world in early September, it is already in
January 2018 was going to speak at the Australian Open. However,
shortly before the birth, Williams started to doubt that her plan real. “However, I
I hope that motherhood will make me stronger, and it will help me
to cope with all the difficulties…” — said tennis player.