Серена Уильямс подарила 5-месячной дочке теннисную ракетку
Serena brings a future star.

Серена Уильямс подарила 5-месячной дочке теннисную ракетку

Serena Williams

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daughter Serena Williams Olympia

Photo: Instagram.com

Serena Williams
sharing touching photos: it captures his little daughter
Olympia with tiny tennis racket. “It will be difficult to win.
She is ready to become a 12-time Wimbledon champion, beating your mother to
three victories!”— so Serena signed

Serena no
minutes has no doubt that her daughter will become an outstanding athlete. She
was already a part of the victory in the same tournament, Williams became
the winner of the Australian Open in January 2016, when I was pregnant. However, Serena
this did not know. And when he learned, commented: “I’m
doubt that I have this new baby is a girl. After all, only a woman can be
strong enough to survive in such stressful conditions!”.

Very little Olympia is different, as stated by her mother, excellent health and
very fast growing up. It’s funny, but 5-month-old daughter Serena already has its own
own page in the social network, and it boasts almost
300 thousand subscribers. By the way ,
Olympia has participated,
with his mother, in his first
promotional photo shoot on request
manufacturer of sports nutrition and drinks Gatorade. Not to mention the fact that in his tender age
Olympia managed to “light up” on the cover of Vogue, becoming the youngest “cover girl” of this publication. So
the baby really is becoming a star.

We Will Remind, Olympia
came to light in early September 2017. And in November, her parents are Serena Williams and
her fiance, the girl’s father Alexis Ohanian —
played in New Orleans wedding .