Серена Уильямс впервые вывела в свет 5-месячную дочку
Little Olympia already aches for the mother.

Серена Уильямс впервые вывела в свет 5-месячную дочку

Serena Williams


Photo: Instagram @serenawilliams

In the life of a little daughter of Serena Williams
her husband, Alexis Ohanian, a momentous event occurred: for the first time took
stadium to watch a game of his mother. It happened on
the tournament in North Carolina, where Alexis was rooting for his beloved wife in the stands
with Olympia on the hands. The girl is not
capricious and watched with interest for what is happening on the court.

Alas, support for the family members
Serena did not help. Although she played a couple with such a strong player like her
sister Venus, the girls lost to a pair of
Netherlands — Lesley Kerkhove and Demi Schuurs. However, after
match Serena didn’t look too sad. “Honestly, I thought I
it will be much worse. Although I could play
better, I feel that I am on the right path to recovery. To
also, I would just be ashamed to be sad when I have such a wonderful
child!”— said the tennis player.

This performance was only the second appearance of Serena in the competition
after birth. The first time she played at the end of December in World Tennis
Championship in Abu Dhabi. Then it also lost 20 — year-old Elena, Ostapenko that crazy
happy with my victory. Elena admitted, then, that Serena was her idol with
childhood and called Williams a great tennis player. As for Williams, she
and then “limp” after the defeat, and said, just happy
back on the court.

As admitted Serena, she’s still not fully recovered after giving birth
complications, besides, she can’t stand, like most of her colleagues
to give all time and energy to the sport. She’s too attached to his little daughter and tries to hold her
great time. By the way, Serena, who believes that in the future her baby
Olympia will become a great tennis player and will surpass her own achievements, recently
my daughter got her first tiny tennis racket.