Serena Williams detained by police

Серену Уильямс задержала полиция
The player failed to mollify the guards.

Serena Williams


As it became known, recently in Los Angeles was
the road police detained a young mom and multiple winner
Grand Slam — Serena Williams. Police stopped her car for
speeding, near the house of Williams. In the place where it was possible
travel at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, she raced at a speed of almost 140
kilometers. No amount of persuasion and references to the fact that she was in a hurry home to your 3
month daughter, a custody order had no effect. He slowly and observing all the formalities prescribed her a fine of $ 280 and strictly warned that
next time she will not get off so easily.

In fact, for Williams, this sum is a mere trifle. Because in my career, she
earned a few million, not to mention the fact that Serena recently became
a billionaire’s wife Alexis Ohanian. So it’s not about the money. She just
I did not want to have it publicly mentioned, as a law breaker. To
also, it could make things very unpleasant for Serena’s Association with the recent accident,
which was attended by her sister Venus, when
because tennis players was killed in an accident 78-year-old man.

In addition, the unpleasant encounter with the police much
Serena messed up its still not completely dispel the festive mood. Indeed, in
last month Williams played a magnificent wedding party with Alexis in New Orleans, and
recently returned home after an unforgettable honeymoon in the Bahamas,
where the couple stayed in a Villa, stay in which costs 5 thousand
dollars a day. “We spent a week in Paradise!” — described your vacation itself