Серена Уильямс прокомментировала слухи о своей тайной свадьбе
The player also said what disappointed her pregnancy.

Serena Williams

Photo: Instagram.com

Serena Williams, a 23-time winner of tournaments of the Grand Slam, in his
a recent interview has responded to recent media reports that she allegedly secretly married with his fiance Alexis Ohanian. “This has not happened yet, as far as I
known! We are still just getting ready. Because I haven’t even had a bachelorette party,
so we surely won’t get married!” with a smile commented Williams.

which in April of this year announced that she was pregnant, happy
says that her pregnancy is fine. “I just do not have anything to complain about. I never thought I would say this, but I
like to be pregnant!” — confessed tennis player. As told
Serena, it feels surprisingly normal. “I don’t even have any quirks peculiar to pregnant women that I was a little disappointing. Surprisingly, I
now we eat much better than before. Eat a lot of greens and vegetables, and
proteins are obtained in the form of fish, nuts,
grains”, — has told Williams.

Serena was forced to admit that she’s a little “hot” when in your
an interview with Vanity Fair said
after the birth of your child in the fall, is going back to court in January.
“You know, I often set myself not too realistic goal. Although, of course,
who knows, maybe it will. But if not, it just will not for me
the end of the world. I’m on the subject of the experience is not going…” — said
tennis player.