Serena Williams came to support her sister at tennis tournament French Open

Серена Уильямс приехала поддержать сестру на теннисном турнире French Open

Tennis player Serena Williams for reasons known to all in the near future will not work on a tennis court, but nothing prevents a pregnant first racket of the world to come, as the distinguished audience and to support sister Venus in her attempt to win the tennis tournament French Open.

Serena could not miss in the crowd of fans of Venus. It is very emotionally worried for his cousin and was blown up.
I must say that pregnancy has an impact on the appearance of female athletes, she began to dress more elegantly. So the tournament she came in a slinky black dress and a colored cardigan.
We will remind that last week in a conversation with journalists, the future aunt Venus has declassified the sex of the baby his sister. On the assurances of the tennis player, her sister’s giving birth to the founder of the website Reddit Alexis Ohanian daughter. But Serena denied this information, stating that they did not know the sex of the baby, and sayings sister justified by the fact that she grew up surrounded by sisters and just “confused”. As they say, time will tell.