Серена Уильямс стала блондинкой!
Fans puzzled by the change of image of the tennis player.

Серена Уильямс стала блондинкой!

Serena Williams


Serena Williams

Photo: @serenawilliams/Instagram

A new photo that recently Serena Williams, has amazed her fans. Player, hair which
always been a bluish-black color, has suddenly become a blonde. “I
I felt like a change!” — signed the Williams. And it’s a little worried
her fans: some saw in it
the words hint at the fact that Serena already bored with family life.

experimenting with hair color, probably just wanted to unwind a little,
to distract from the current problems. After the player complained that she
difficult period: her little daughter Olympia is teething, and girl
usually so calm, all the time naughty. “This is so bad, baby Olympia
so bad. She cries continuously and almost completely stopped sleeping. Falls asleep
for a while, only when I hold her in my arms. I was so exhausted and
nerves looking at her, also crying along with her and can’t sleep. I have
begin to dream, and to me, my mother held it in his arms. Perhaps I
would be able to fall asleep…” confessed Williams.

Recall: Serena gave birth to Olympia this fall — September 1. And the fact that she is pregnant
with my first child, it became known in March 2017. This news comes
just three months after Williams announced that she’s engaged to
her boyfriend — Alexis Ohanian,
lawful wife which she was in mid-November of this year.