Serena Williams announced her pregnancy

Серена Уильямс объявила о своей беременности Star sports is planning to become a mother for the first time. About Serena Williams said in one of the social networks. The woman also released its term. Happy tennis player and her partner receive congratulations from relatives, friends and admirers.

      Серена Уильямс объявила о своей беременности

      Today it became known that the 35-year-old tennis player Serena Williams prepares to become a mother for the first time. About this athlete said in social networks. The woman also posted a photo where you can see well her rounded belly. In the picture that Serena shared on Snapchat, she is depicted in a slinky swimsuit, do not hide changes in the figure of the celebrity. Apparently, Williams sincerely glad to replenishment in the family.

      “20 weeks,” said the sports star to his followers.

      Delighted fans of Serena Williams began to congratulate her on the social networks. They wish the woman’s family all the best. “Wow”, “Love and health”, “Bang”, “Very happy for you,” “being a mother is wonderful,” was discussed by the fans of a celebrity.

      Earlier, the tennis player announced the planned marriage ceremony. The chosen star was 33-year-old investor and Internet entrepreneur of Armenian descent, Ohanian. Serena Williams was told about the engagement on Reddit. It is worth noting that the celebrity has chosen a very unusual form for a message about the joyous event. She shared information in poetic form:

      I came home
      A little later
      Someone Packed my backpack,
      The crew expected.
      Destination — Rome
      Where first encountered our guiding star…

      In turn, the beloved tennis player, too, has published good news about the impending engagement in social networks. “She said “Yes,” wrote Ohanian.

      Recall that Serena and Alexis started Dating in the fall of 2015. Young people don’t hide their relationship from the public, but fans of the pair did not even know that between them all so seriously. Their posts in Instagram the businessman called her “the Queen” and regularly shared publications devoted to the second half.

      At the moment the lovers are actively preparing for the upcoming wedding. Not so long ago, Serena and Alexis showed fans the full depth of his feelings. The sports star shared a romantic picture made on the coast. In the picture, which appeared in the microblog Williams, on her finger you may notice an engagement ring. Fans of Serena noted that the couple looks very happy. Fans of players came to the delight of the colorful pictures.