Serena Williams announced her pregnancy by accident..

Серена Уильямс сообщила о своей беременности..случайно

She didn’t want. As admitted on a talk show Ted Talk with Gayle king best racket mmra Serena Williams, she did not want to tell the world about her pregnancy, a secret which she managed to hold up to 20 weeks. Celebrity said that the cause of public recognition was her mistake – Williams accidentally clicked the wrong button.

“When I asked you about the photo, you said that no one was supposed to see. What do you mean?” — the leader asked.
“Well, actually it all happened by coincidence. I was on vacation and from time to time took pictures of themselves. Sometimes I look at your pictures and watching my changing figure..
In fact, very few people were aware of the fact that I am in the position, and I’m not going to talk about it more some time. When I saved the photo, then mistakenly pressed another button.. so it all happened really. After thirty minutes my phone was blowing up, and only then I realized what I did” — said Serena.
Williams admitted that the pregnancy is going well, morning sickness she had. After the birth of baby Serena plans to quickly get in shape and to go again on a tennis court.
Yesterday it became known that Serena has once again become the best tennis player by the WTA. Touched Williams left on his page a message addressed to the future child: “My dear baby! You gave me stilou, which I didn’t even know! You showed me what true peace and tranquility. I can’t wait for the moment when I see it. So I want to take you in his arms. But most importantly, I’m so happy to share with you the title of the first racket of the world, especially today, on the birthday of Alexis Ohanian. From the smaller the first number the youngest. Your mother”.