Серена Уильямс объявила о помолвке весьма оригинальным способом
The tennis player was going to marry a millionaire.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

Repeated winner of major tennis
tournaments, Serena Williams said that officially got engaged. Serena
accepted the offer to become the wife of 33-year-old millionaire Alexis Ohanian,
the Creator of the Internet project Reddit. This was
known after Williams reported a very original way — placing his prose poem of his own composition about the
this significant event.

The product of the 35-year-old Serena can be loosely translated
as follows: “I arrived home quite late. And some stashed away for
me a surprise (in a box). I was waiting for “coach”. She took me to the place where the first time we
met with a loved one by accident… He got down on one knee and said
four words… I answered Him “Yes”!

Serena and Ohanian, whose fortune is estimated at 500
million, started Dating about a year ago, and they’ve made
effort to attract attention to their relations as little attention as possible. About
Oganyana known comparatively few. He was born in Brooklyn but grew up in
In Baltimore, where his parents moved. Once Alexis wanted to be
a professional footballer, but his dream was never realized, and he switched
intellectual activities, having been engaged in the development of Internet projects.

As for Serena, she’s, in spite of its extremely
an intense schedule of sports training and competition, always found time
personal life. To Alexis Williams met with rappers Drake and
A common, Bulgarian tennis player George Dimitrov… Curious that Serena and
Maria Sharapova competed not only in the ring: at one time they were fighting over
Dimitrov, who left Williams for the sake of our countrywomen.