Серена Уильямс призналась, что 7-месячная дочка ее пугает
Olympia unnerving mother by his behavior.

Photo: Instagram

said Serena Williams, who last fall gave birth to her first child — daughter, Olympia, a girl sometimes just scares her behavior, not peculiar to her
age. As told to Serena, baby spend hours can, still looking,
to watch the tennis tournaments that Williams looks on TV. “Olympia
not just looking at the screen, she watches the ball keenly as a Falcon. So
it is strange that I was even a little unnerving…” — confessed tennis player.

really Serena almost 100% sure that my daughter, of course, when she
grow up, start to play tennis and, most likely, will be the champion. Even when
Olympia was 5 months, she gave her a tiny tennis racket pictures, where she captured a daughter with his gift, Serena wrote: “It
it will be difficult to win. She is already preparing to become a 12 time champion
Wimbledon, beating your mother to three wins!”

Recall: baby
the light was given to Williams is easy. As told by the tennis player, she almost
died in childbirth. First, Serena had to make an unplanned cesarean
section. A few hours after that she began to choke. It turned out that her lungs were formed 2 of a blood clot. It turned out that the
Serena had been problems with the viscosity of the blood and usually, it took
medication to thin the blood. But before childbirth it is recommended to temporarily
to abandon their pills. Administered intravenously, the drug saved the life of
Williams, but it turned out, her troubles only began. Soon
then she parted the operating seam, and then found out the internal
the bleeding…

However, as stated by Serena, she has managed
forget about the problems associated with the birth of Olympia. And after six months after the appearance
daughter into the world, she began to dream about a second child! Because, as you admitted
Williams, she loves being a mom.