«Сердючка позволила мне купить квартиру в центре»: Данилко попрощался с образом Andrey Danilko has decided to stop using the image of the singing conductors, who many years ago made him famous in Russia and Ukraine. Their farewell concert Verka Serduchka suit on July 13, then go on the final tour.
«Сердючка позволила мне купить квартиру в центре»: Данилко попрощался с образом

Hardly back in 1993 Andrey Danilko could imagine what role he will play accidentally invented the image of the cheerful conductors. The audience Verka Serduchka liked so much that it quickly became almost the most popular artist of Russia and Ukraine.

However, after a speech at the “Eurovision” contest in 2007, where Danylko in his famous way took the second place, the popularity Serduchka began to decline. Now 44-year-old actor even stated that he does not intend to appear before the audience in a familiar role. According to the musician, on July 13 in Odessa will be held the last performance of Serduchka, and after the band will embark on a farewell tour.

“Under the farewell tour means big tour — a thank you to those people who gave me, a boy from Poltava, who lived in the annexe, where the Wallpaper wrapped, the ability to provide for themselves financially, to live on Khreschatyk and, in principle, not work”, — said the musician.
«Сердючка позволила мне купить квартиру в центре»: Данилко попрощался с образом

However, the farewell to the famous way does not mean that Danilko leaves the stage. The actor admitted that he still received numerous job offers, but he is in no hurry to accept them.

Fans immediately came to the conclusion that Andrew caught up with a creative crisis. Rumors about this went a long time ago, because in recent years Danilko significantly reduced musical activity. The singer on the reasons for the closure of the project does not apply, noting that before finally saying good-bye to the audience, Verka cook for them a few surprises.

“We will have a Grand performance artist who missed his audience. A spectacular show, worthy of Verka Serduchka. It in itself is already a holiday! By the way, in addition to well-known songs, Verka has produced several new compositions, premiere of which took place in Odessa”, — said Danilko.

In the last few years Verka Serduchka rarely went on tour. Most often Danilko has performed at private corporate events. In particular, a few weeks ago, ex-wife of Roman Abramovich Dasha Zhukova was lit on his birthday under funny hits perky conductors.

Andrew works on television. In particular, he has been a member of the jury of the program “the X factor”.

Despite the fact that the artist himself is resolute, fans hope he won’t have the courage finally to say goodbye to Verka Serduchka. Moreover, according to the information portal “Ukraine.ru”, Danilko continues to use the famous stage persona for performances at private parties around the world.