1 сентября: Звезды отправили детей в школу
The stellar lineup of this day.

The film has all the social networking is full of bouquets and festive product lines. The stars in this sense no different from all they also today got up early, dressed the children, gave flowers and packs and sent to schools. In Moscow today, traditionally in the schedule students have only one lesson — the lesson of the World. And it is held regardless of whether in the first grade went to the child or the tenth.

From the 1st of September!!! With the knowledge Day!!! #first-grader

A post shared by Vadim Galygin (@vadimgalygin) on Aug 31, 2017 at 10:32pm PDT

Comedian Vadim Galygin today, accompanied for the first time in first grade my son Vadim. Galygin Jr. went to school in the center of Moscow, near Tverskaya street. Because of this event Galygin-the senior has arrived to Moscow, although last week held in Minsk on set.

Back to school ????? all moms and dads patience ????

A post shared by borodylia (@borodylia) on Aug 31, 2017 at 10:36pm PDT

Daughter Ksenia Borodina Marusya (mom calls her Mara) went to the second grade school in Michurinsky Avenue. It’s not far from the house where the star family. By the way, the presenter gave the older daughter a watch with a “secret”. According to them Ksenia can always track the geolocation of the child and even to hear what conversations surrounded by girls. An indispensable gadget in modern society!

Our September 1, began with a ruler in school Bogdan. The first call, greetings, communication with parents and slinger! And then went to congratulate the friends whose child went to a new one, the largest school of the Russian Federation – Nekrasovskiy! This is a very good school. More of our several times and very impressed on the equipment. A powerful educational institution. Tell you about this school, maybe many people ask what we went. Friends, I am for many reasons I will not say what school learning Bogdan, but if advised, we can safely recommend it Nekrasovka. On the line there, we, unfortunately, did not, but the inside looked. Pool, several of spartathlon, huge dining room – all perfect. Pool! The school pool! Why have I not studied there? ? Moscow is changing, and not only in the center. I really hope that such schools of the future will begin to build not only in Moscow. How was your September 1? Who is also a beginner like us? What are your impressions?

A post shared by Alena Vodonaeva (@alenavodonaeva) on Sep 1, 2017 at 1:35am PDT

Alain Vodonaeva Bogdan held her son in 1st grade. Almost “from the ball to the ship”, because the boy celebrated his seventh birthday — and here he was overtaken by “payback”. But seriously, Alena is very worried for her son and hopes that he will love school.

Good September morning! How quickly the summer flew by, but we are waiting for the Golden autumn!?? And for a good mood, turn on the First channel at 8:40. I and my kids, Danya and Maxim, today in a live program “Good morning” on the Sparrow hills.? By the way, today my oldest son goes to school!? Immediately after the program, we’re going to the range. Moms, how do you live such an important day? I’m very worried! I congratulate you with knowledge Day, dear! @1tv #1 September #denznaki #perviysaitperviysait #ballycanal #jobrouter

A post shared by Zara (@zara_music) on Aug 31, 2017 at 10:27pm PDT

Singer Zara took the first class of his eldest son Daniel. Junior Maxim (he is 5 years) also in a festive costume went to support him on this important day. “I’m very worried!” says Zara.

All with #1 September ! Greetings from the second Taci! I congratulate you as the mother of the said Institute and co-chair of @skm_rus , with the beginning of the school year and the knowledge Day! #school #RDS #rdsmith And some stories )

A post shared by Yana Churikova (@yana_chu) on Aug 31, 2017 at 10:54pm PDT

Co-Chairman of the Russian movement of students and TV presenter Yana Churikova sent daughter Taisia second class. In connection with the first warm for the last few years, the Day of knowledge fashion Tasia put on a line of sunglasses.

Is the first time in first class, and today for the second time in the first class)) #cheer #kid #pervyness #school

A post shared by Vitaly GOGUNSKY (@gogunskv) on Aug 31, 2017 at 11:48pm PDT

Vitaly Gogunsky has intrigued fans, made under the photo with your daughter-first-graders signature: “for the Second time in the second grade!” Of course, 7-year-old Milan went to school for the first time, but Vitali himself, who was allowed into the class and allowed to sit at the Desk said that he was able to go to 1 class twice!

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