Sensation! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were distant cousins!

Сенсация! Принц Гарри и Меган Маркл оказались дальними родственниками!
The grandson of the Queen and the actress has revealed common ancestors.

Сенсация! Принц Гарри и Меган Маркл оказались дальними родственниками!

genealogist interested in the origin of the 33-year-old Megan Markle, made
the paradoxical finding. It turned out that the British Prince and his lady is American
there are common ancestors. The news was announced by the creators of the documentary about Megan,
shown recently on British television.

Megan, as
it is known, was born into a mixed racial
point of view, the family. Her mother Doria — African-American, but father Thomas white. As
it turned out, the ancestors of Pope Megan arrived in his time in America from Britain, more specifically from
Yorkshire. We are talking about a kind of March Sike, grandmother of Thomas, brought a child in
The United States with his parents. And, by sheer coincidence, it turned out,
that the mother of Elizabeth I — the Queen mother, daughter of the Earl of Bowes-Lyons, and great-grandmother Markle — Martha Sykes, had common ancestors! However, they lived a very long time — already in the 15th century. It
there is Megan and Harry’s relatives, really, really far. But maternal
line origin Megan looks much more dramatic: how did you manage to install
the ancestors of Doria lived in the state of Georgia and
were slaves on the plantations of the large local landowner…

Information about the origin of Megan’s causes
all such keen interest, primarily because, as expected, Harry
in the foreseeable future, intends to propose to her. As we found out recently
Royal biographer, writer Katie Nicholl, the Prince fell in love with Markle before
before I met her personally. He was a fan of “Force majeure”.
And even before he had the chance to meet with Megan, he admitted: perfect
the girl in his understanding — this is Markle, who plays the main

Harry was so excited about Megan that
found a way to meet her. Harry learned that one of his buddies

restaurateur Marcus Anderson was familiar with Markle. And when Megan
came to Britain to see how her friend Serena Williams
plays at Wimbledon, the Prince asked Marcus to reduce them. They dined in the company
a few friends in the restaurant Marcus. And Harry came from a meeting with Megan in
even greater delight. “She’s smart, funny, and temperamental. It’s just
amazing girl!” — said the Prince after they met. This meeting began
Roman Markle and Harry