Sensation: Katie Holmes for the first time openly appeared in public with Jamie Foxx!

Сенсация: Кэти Холмс впервые открыто  показалась на публике с Джейми Фоксом!
The actress finally declassified his novel.

Сенсация: Кэти Холмс впервые открыто  показалась на публике с Джейми Фоксом!

Katie Holmes


Jamie Foxx


Four years, Katie Holmes has made
unimaginable effort not to give the paparazzi caught when she went on
Dating with her boyfriend Jamie Fox. Makeup she wore
wigs, covered the face of the fields
pulled down over his eyes hat… But the other day Katie and Jamie unexpectedly allowed to photograph them. The resulting
photos can be viewed on the website

The couple quietly walked through
the beach in Malibu, gently holding hands. The most amazing thing in this story is
that seeing the paparazzi, they tried to evade photographers and like nothing
sometimes, he continued his walk. From time to time they stopped and gently
looked into each other’s eyes….

Apparently, Katie
took finally the decision to stop hiding his relationship with Jamie. The thing
the fact that this summer has expired, for which she was
take care not to flaunt their relationship in public. After all
the terms of the contract that she signed when her divorce from Tom cruise, she had no right to a public affair
for as much as 5 years. Otherwise, she would have lost 5 million
dollars that paid for her cruise.

Recall that the novel Kathy and Jamie started back in 2013. Then the paparazzi photographed them dancing
and cuddling at a party in the Hamptons. They were later seen some
time to catch clandestine meetings. During this time she openly appeared in the
society Fox a couple of times. So, in December of last year, Cathy came
at the reception on the occasion of his birthday, but neither she nor he did not allow himself
in public, nothing “extra”. And all the while, both categorically denied their
Roman. Now their “conspiracy”, apparently, came to an end.