Sensation! Johnny Depp back with Vanessa Paradis

Сенсация! Джонни Депп вернулся к Ванессе Паради
Looks like the actor has found solace after a messy divorce with amber heard in the arms of the mother of his children.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis


Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis had dinner in a restaurant in Los Angeles and looked, according to eyewitnesses, absolutely happy and in love couple! Is Vanessa really was able to forgive his johnny for what he is, instead of marrying her, the mother of his two children, left her for a young beauty amber heard? Depp joined her in lawful marriage, and after 15 months with the scandal that threatens his reputation, got divorced. But this turn of plot is very similar to the truth though, because Vanessa is one of the first rushed to the defense of Depp, when amber accused him of domestic violence. Then French actress and singer, who has lived with Depp in a civil marriage for 14 years, wrote that he does not believe such accusations, and “her johnny was never aggressive and can not raise the woman’s hand”.

It is known that children Vanessa and johnny 17-year-old Lily-rose Depp, and 15-year-old Jack very grieved at the departure of the father. But they also continued to maintain it during the divorce. Recently Depp received the award for its assistance to cancer patients of people, including children and talked about how he and Vanessa in 2007, fought for the life of the then 7 year old daughter. Lily-rose is having kidney problems, and Depp spent three weeks at the bedside of the girl in the hospital with her mother. Not surprisingly, Depp and Paradis has close relationship, in spite of everything — too much good and bad they’ve experienced.

This weekend Vanessa, living in Los Angeles most of the time (since Depp has decided to move from France to his children studied at the American school), flew with Lily-rose in Paris to inform his parents about the changes in their lives and to prepare everything for the arrival of johnny. After breaking up with Vanessa Depp met French musician Benjamin Bilaam, but their relationship ended. Actor after amber heard filed for divorce, and then accused him of violence clearly tried to stay away from women and never been with anyone noticed. Therefore, the resumption of his relationship with Vanessa is more than logical — after all, they really loved each other, and he said that it was not in his life, happier time than spent with Paradis and their children.