SENSATION! Anfisa Chekhov has confirmed the divorce with Guram Bablishvili

СЕНСАЦИЯ! Анфиса Чехова подтвердила развод с Гурамом Баблишвили
TV presenter decided to speak publicly about the changes in his personal life.

СЕНСАЦИЯ! Анфиса Чехова подтвердила развод с Гурамом Баблишвили

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: PR NTV

the new issue of the provocative show “million dollar Secret” for a substantial
reward your secrets will reveal
Anfisa Chekhov. TV presenter, taught to love the whole country, talk about
how difficult it develops its own life.

for the first time openly tells of the disintegration of the ideal family, as well as about who
now it is a former husband, actor Guram bablishvili.

“Yes, it happened! — says Anfisa. — The year I could not persuade to participate in this project. I didn’t want to pull at his wounds, but did not want to take out quarrels from a log hut and never wanted to bare his soul in public. But… now I’m ready to share! Only my friend Lera Kudryavtseva, who knows everything and more, and that was not easy, as the interviewer, to pretend that all she hears for the first time! But Lerici is a great professional! And we’ve got the long and deep interviews in my entire life! And more to post these themes in other shows, I will not!”

The ex-spouse Chekhova,
turn, too, will make a sensational statement
the real reasons for their breakup. NTV viewers will be able to learn the truth about
serious novels and fleeting relationships, well-known TV presenter. It
remember how they fought back from obsessive Cavaliers and how much is obscene
proposals had been in her life. In addition, the liberated
finally, the presenter will tell you, if she had a connection with the scandalously
famous actor Vladimir Epifantsev.

TV presenter
will share details of the dramatic history of the relationship with the father: why
she was looking for him when he became a star of TV, and why now bitterly
sorry about that. Lera Kudryavtseva talk to
a TV star and mother’s younger brother, who Came found only a year

Anfisa Chekhov has never been afraid to speak with the viewer on a provocative topic.
But do you have the courage to answer the main “Secret” one million?
Watch the candid conversation with Anfisa Chekhova everything
very personal and intimate on Saturday, 28 October at 17:00 in the program
“Million dollar secret” on the channel NTV.

Guram Bablishvili

Photo: PR NTV