Semen Frolov can not recover after the break with his beloved

Семен Фролов не может оправиться после разрыва с любимой Party “House-2” Ruslan misses Mishina, who abandoned him. At the end of July this year, the pair on a whim played a beautiful wedding, but the marriage had no legal force in Russia. After a while the lovers parted. The man had already lost hope that someday they will be together again.

      Participant reality show “House-2” Simeon Frolov appeared first on the project in 2007. He wanted to find her own happiness with Elena Buchenau, however, not reached with his chosen to the Registrar’s office and terminated her relationship. After leaving the young man left the perimeter and wanted to meet your soulmate out of the popular project. However, in the beginning of this year he returned to the program, to finally put an end to his bachelor life. The man began to have signs of attention Ruslana Mishina. But even a beautiful wedding that the lovers are played on the Islands, not bonded their relationship forever. Ruslan left the project, and then struck out the life of the elect. Simon can’t accept this ending of the relationship and periodically interested in Misha’s life.

      “Now we rarely keep in touch. She left the project, and then left me. I admit, I occasionally watch it the social network,” – said Frolov.

      The man also aware of the new relationship her former lover. He realizes that the hope that Ruslana will come back to him, becoming weaker.

      “I was sure that Ruslana will come back to me on the project. Grow up and quickly come back. Agree, how were cases when people left and then came back. But things didn’t work out as I planned. Sorry… I was wrong. It is a pity that true love is now interesting to nobody. But I do not despair, because the accordion was always the first guy in the village!” – do not lose hope Frolov.

      Simon has made an offer hands and hearts Ruslana at the end of July this year. Lovers have decided not to proceed with the ceremony, because the wedding took place just a couple of hours. The celebration took place in accordance with local traditions and laws, but the marriage had no force in Russia. Semen Frolov got married in the Seychelles

      After a while the lovers realize that still do not fit together, and their marriage on a whim was a mistake. However, Simon still can’t leave thoughts about Ruslan.

      “The only thing she had to reinforce his desire to work on themselves, otherwise first put to me – the ideal woman,” admitted the hero of the reality show in an interview with “House-2”.