Selma Blair spoke about the incurable diagnosis

Сэльма Блэр рассказала о неизлечимом диагнозе

Actress Selma Blair is better known for his roles in the films “Cruel intentions” and “legally Blonde”. Recently 46-year-old star told fans in his instagram that he is suffering from an incurable disease.

The first symptoms she said 15 years ago. Then she did not suspect that after all these years, August 16, 2018, the doctors put her disappointing diagnosis. “Two days ago I went for a fitting, and then I decided that I should share what’s going on with me. That day, Alice Swanson, a great costume designer of the series Another Life, in which I play a major role, gently helped me to put on pants, coats, buttoned up coat and a shoulder. I have multiple sclerosis. Now I have a relapse. Thank you Lord and understanding on the part of Netflix: I still have a job. Great job. I am disabled. Sometimes I fall or drop things. I had memory issues, my mind is clouded, and the left half of the body working, like a broken GPS. But we’ll manage. And I laugh, not knowing what to do next, but just know that I will do everything possible”.

Daily to cope with the symptoms of the disease Salme help her friends and family. “Ever since I was diagnosed — at 10:30 PM August 16 — I always support friends and colleagues. Thank you for this! It’s not easy, but I hope to be able to give hope to others and even to herself. You can’t get help, if not ask about it. At first it can be incredibly difficult. I want to sleep, always want to sleep. So I don’t have any answers, I just want to sleep. But I am looking forward and want to make their lives complete. Want to play again with my son. Want to walk down the street and ride her horse. I have multiple sclerosis and I’m fine”.

The actress encourages everyone to help her in a difficult situation and is not shy about his illness. She gathered her forces and shared the story that I hope made her a little happier. “But if you see me collecting the fallen from the hands of things, don’t hesitate, come and help me. For me, this job can at the moment to be overwhelming, and your help will save me half the day. It was not diagnosed so long ago, but the symptoms I had for many years. I didn’t pay attention to them and never took them seriously. It all started with the fact that I went to the doctor, so he prescribed me treatment for the pain, which I thought was caused by a pinched nerve. Then I realized that the last 15 years turned a blind eye to the symptoms of this disease. I’m glad you finally clarified the situation with his health. And sharing that story with you”, — wrote in an open letter to the fans of Blair.

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